To increase the quality of end users' lives, our lifting doors are practical, easy-to-use and have a first-class design. You will feel the quality, the innovation and the strength of the SAMET Lifting Door Systems every time you use it in different living spaces.

Lift-Up Door System Solutions.

Performa Lid Stay

The lid stay is used for both lift-up doors and drop down doors. It offers opening degree and force adjustment for smooth function.

•It can be used for wooden doors or aluminum glass doors.
•The force adjustment can be done with adjustment screw.
•Double lid stay is suggested for better performance.
•Thanks to its symmetrical structure, lid stay can be used for the right side of the cabinet or left side of the cabinet.

Gas Spring

Samet Gas Springs is used for lift-up doors.

•Adjustable opening angle
•Four different force option according to door weight
•Double usage is suggested for better performance