IMPRO Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge is the new hinge system with 5-stage soft-close mechanism. The adjustable soft-close mechanism, specially developed with SAMET's cutting-edge technology, is placed into the hinge with a simple solution to provide longer life-cycle and improve soft closing performance. In addition to its excellent quality and additional features, it gives impression of visual high-tech look of the hinge in the cabinet. IMPRO Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge has been globally approved for its high performance and quality by being certified by LGA, one of the most important standardization institutions in Germany.

Decide how fast it closes!

Adjustable Soft-Close Feature

IMPRO Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge introduces a totally new standard to the world of furniture accessories with adjustable soft closing system ensuring silence to furniture doors. 5-stage soft-close mechanism of IMPRO Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge can be deactivated at stage Zero (0). Adjustable mechanism, tolerates the change of material, size and weight of the cabinet door. It is advised to use Stage 1 if the door weight is light. Closing speed can be adjusted according to the weight of the door at different stages. For extra applications to be applied on the door, it ensures ease of use without changing the hinge.

3D Adjustment

Eccentric system enables 3D adjustment option: horizontal, vertical and distance between cabinet door and cabinet side wall. This system offers great ease during the installation of furniture doors. SAMET developed IMPRO Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge in a way that Track mechanism ensures toolless assembly-disassembly of hinge onto mounting plate feature. It simplifies installation process during production.

Technical Specifications

• Opening Angle : 110˚
• Cup Diameter : 35 mm
• Cup Depth : 12.10 mm
• Hinge Body : Steel
• Hinge Cup : Steel
• Crank Type : Full overlay
• Finish : Nickel
• Packaging : 125 Pieces
• Tool free and simple assembling and disassembling of the cabinet doors. 
• 5-stage soft-close mechanism improves soft closing performance.