Star Track Hinge, developed after research and advanced tests carried out by SAMET R&D Center, provides easy and tool free assembling and disassembling of cabinets with a single touch. Representing innovative perspective of SAMET Hinge Systems, Star Track Hinge, ensures adjustment in 6 directions after mounting with 3D adjustment feature. Star Track Hinges, designed by considering different applications like 165 degree opening and folding door.

Track Assembly Hinge

Easy Assembly and Disassemly

SAMET developed Star Track Hinge in a way that Track mechanism ensures toolless assembly-disassembly of hinge onto mounting plate feature. It simplifies installation process during production. Only one touch on the Track mechanism is enough to fix and release the cabinet doors.

3D Adjustment

Eccentric system, another SAMET technological innovation, enables 3D adjustment option: horizontal, vertical and distance between cabinet door and cabinet side wall. This system offers great ease during the installation of furniture doors to cabinets.

Technical Specifications

• Opening Angle : 110˚
• Cup Diameter : 35 mm
• Cup Depth : 11,2 mm
• Crank Type : Full overlay
• Packaging : 250 Pieces
• Tool free and simple assembling and disassembling of the cabinet doors.