Star Hinge, the classical product of SAMET, is a slide on hinge model which provides easy opening and closing of cabinet doors. Star Hinge Series were designed by considering usage of different type and size cabinet doors and produced by using fully - automated robotic production systems. It steps forward with its simple design, durability, long life structure and wide range adjustment option.

The Classic Slide-on Hinge

Easy Assembly with Slide-on Function

SAMET developed Star Hinge in a way that ensures easy assembly-disassembly of hinge onto mounting plate just by using a screwdriver. It simplifies installation process during production.

6-way Adjustment

Star Hinge provides wide range adjustment in six directions with screwdriver. Users may align their door and cabinets by advantage of high level adjustment feature of Star Hinge.

Technical Specifications

• Opening Angle : 110˚
• Cup Diameter : 35 mm
• Cup Depth : 11,2 mm
• Hinge Body : Steel
• Hinge Cup : Steel
• Crank Type : Full overlay
• Finish : Nickel
• Packaging : 250 Pieces