FLOWBOX drawer box system enables you to individualize your drawer with special colors, materials, side height options and special decorative covers responding all style and needs. It creates perfect solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.Outperforming slide system with sophisticated soft close mechanism ensures super silent and perfect motion. 3D Adjustment and no cutting process for the base panel features meet with high-end design for perfect functionality and ease-of use.

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Touch the High-End Design and Functionality

Ultra Slim Side Panels

FLOWBOX ensures a premium appearance look with its perfect, ultra slim and sleek side panel design and exclusive colors. FLOWBOX enables maximum space usage in drawers, thanks to Flowbox's impresively slim side panels as 12.8 mm.

Perfect Function

FLOWBOX' s advanced synchronisation technology enables the slide to run over with perfect silence and movement. FLOWBOX opens with a simple touch and close in complete silence...
Thanks to adaptive damping mechanism, drawers can be closed softly with the same smooth effect even if the drawer weight changes.


  • 12,8 mm ultra slim, sleek side panel design, maximum inner space usage of drawers
  • 4 standard color options
  • 4 different side heights with tall side panel and gallery railing applications
  • Wide range of accessory line-up
  • Premium cutlery solution
  • Glass side panel combination with metal side panels
  • Unlimited gallery railing usage thanks to its side panel-free installation opportunity
  • Sink cabinet solutions for kitchen & bathroom vanities
  • Inner drawer alternative with aluminum front panels, aluminum front bars, flexible seperators
  • Full extension slide systems
  • Special synchronization system enables the slide to run over with perfect silence
  • Adaptive damping mechanism
  • Easily opening and smooth closing
  • Long lasting life
  • High loading capacity
  • Drawer size alternatives varies from 270 mm- 600 mm
  • Left&right, up&down and tilt adjustments can be applied easily inside the drawer
  • Tool-Less assembly and dissassembly of front panel
  • Easy installation with no cutting process for the base panel