SAM BOX Drawer System meets comfort and quality expectations with its excellent motion capability, quick and safe installation and durability at maximum level. SAM BOX drawers with esthetical steel appearance, which meet end users' requirements and provide easy mounting to furniture producers, are designed in different sizes and color options.

Functional and Aesthetic...

Smooth and slient operation

SAMET SAM BOX drawers, with silent running wheel system and high painting quality, provides smooth and silent opening-closing operation. Perfect design of SAM BOX Drawer Systems and state-of-the-art technology optional soft close mechanism allow end user to utilize the drawer with ease and enjoy at the same time style and functionality of living space furniture.

Adjustment Feature

SAM BOX upgraded adjustment mechanism, with high tolerance level, was designed in consideration of both, user's and producer's convenience. It offers easy and accurate installation during specially designed furniture production. A locking mechanism in a drawer is required to improve safety of drawer systems. With the help of locking mechanism in SAM BOX, high level of safety is provided.


• Esthetic steel appearance
• Automatic closure system at a 70 mm opening length
• Drawer Length: 300/350/400/450/500/550 mm
• Finish: Electrostatic white
• Silent running wheel system
• The improved stability guarantees a long product durability
• Dynamic load capacity: 55 LB
• Safety system to avoid derailing
• ±1,5 mm horizontal and ±1 mm vertical adjustment opportunity