Smart Slide Drawer Systems, produced due to SAMET's experience in developing innovative products and its cutting-edge technologies, provide furniture with extra movement, which is the most significant factor in modern living spaces. The state-of-the-art technology used in Smart Slide Drawer Systems adds elegance to opening and closing action.
Perfection of its technology ensures silent and smooth motion. Due to the synchronisation system, used in Smart Slide drawers, desired user’s comfort can now be attained. Adaptive soft close mechanism in Smart Slide Drawer Systems, developed with cutting-edge technology, provides drawers with very smooth and silent closing effect. With such impressive opening-closing movements, Smart Slide Drawer Systems brings innovative and elegant touch to the living spaces. 

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Superior Design and Ease of Use.

Single and Full Extension Options

Smart Slide Drawer Systems meet expectations for advanced design creation with full and single extension options, which are developed with the purpose of meeting various design needs. Lock-Fix mechanism, was especially designed for quick and flexible installation process of Smart Slide Drawer Systems. The possibility to lock as tight as desired ensures safety during drawer utilization. With wide drawer size alternatives within a range of 250 mm to 600 mm different requirements can be met, which ensures different solutions during furniture production.
Due to this cutting edge technology of new adaptive oil damper, drawers can be closed softly with the same smooth closing effect even if the drawer weight changes. You will enjoy the comfort of smooth closing experience every time.

Perfect Synchronisation

Smart Slide Full and Single are engineered to be functional for any drawers. Smart Slide's unique features allows you freedom in furniture design such as Day & Night furniture’s, bathroom cabinet and also kitchen applications.

Due to special production method with low tolerances, Smart Slide Full operates smooth and effortlessly all the time. Nonstop Synchronization, provided by silicone wheel, ensures smooth and silent running action with lifetime durability.

Technical Specifications

• Concealed, full and single extension drawer slides
• Soft-Close System guarantees silent and gentle closing.
• 3 mm backward and forward adjustment is enabled by screw on Push-Open mechanism.
• Easy removal and mounting permitted by SmartLock.
• The SmartLock System provides a ±1,5 mm horizontal and +2 mm upwards adjustment opportunity.
• Maximum up to 19 mm wooden side application.
• Drawer Length alternatives: 250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600 mm
• The improved stability guarantees a long product durability.
• Same cabinet and drawer can be used with both Smart Slide Full Extension and Smart Slide Single Extension.