SO CLASS Ball-Bearing Slide Systems are a group of ball-bearing slides that have the characteristics of full extension. Samet has transferred the information, accumulation, and experience that it has in slide systems to Ball-Bearing Slide Systems that furniture producers, in a manner that fully meets all the needs of customers. The robust and strong profile structure, the superior quality bearings that enable capabilities of high running performance, and improved soft-close technology has carried the quality of SO CLASS Ball-Bearing Slide Systems to the highest level. It covers a wide space of use with living spaces, office furniture, kitchen and bathroom equipment.

Stronger, Smoother

Smooth running performance

SO CLASS Ball-Bearing Slide Systems have been equipped with superior quality metal bearings and have been strengthened and designed with robust metal cage systems. It provides silent and smooth operation with the comfortable opening-closing movement that users need. Even in the maximum loading capacity, it presents a long lifecycle performance with the minimal noise and push-pull forces.

Improved soft-close technology

SO CLASS Ball-Bearing Slide Systems have been designed with improved soft-close technology. It ensures highest soft-close performance operation even in all proper loadings and running speeds. Braking distances and soft closing speed have been designed to ensure the highest level of comfort in use for customers. Fix lock mechanism ensures maximize level of security. It helps drawers to be used safely during opening and closing and locks them in a secure way in the closed position.

Technical Features

  • Compatibility between 250 mm and 700 mm drawer lengths
  • Loading capacity up to 45 kg
  • Clear zinc finish
  • High-tolerance values for easy assembly